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The Ideal Gentleman, by Sanyo Yamacho

Since our founding, Sanyo Yamacho has aimed to provide one pair of shoes and one suit that can be worn with dignity in any situation, whether you are representing your company, expressing your true inner self in your outfit, or simply have ambition. Regardless of one's age, there is perhaps no better classic way to show your true self than the gentleman's attire which follows all the rules of timeless authenticity and balance. The materials and craftsmanship is of high quality. There are no hints of eccentricity, and once you wear it, it draws out an unparalleled masculinity. That is the standard that Sanyo Yamacho envisions for a gentleman.

These days, there are many things from foreign countries in Japan.


But a Japanese tailor best understands the Japanese body type, and how to best bring out the masculinity and the confidence in the form. Straight tip shoes are the most basic shoes. These shoes can be worn even in formal occasions during the day. Everything at Sanyo Yamacho begins with the shoes. We hope you can see how importantly we treat the basics of the gentleman. Also, in addition to the normalcy of the outer appearance, another principle of Sanyo Yamacho is our guarantee of the durability so you can wear the items for many years. The trust in our brand is built on the fact that you will be able to pass on your long-worn and beloved items to the next generation. We want the world to see the utmost gentlemen who choose Sanyo Yamacho. We want these gentlemen to pass on the garments they are fond of to their sons. In this way we create a chain between our craftsmen and our customers. This state of mind is what Sanyo Yamacho hopes to express.