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The Essence of Sanyo Yamacho: "Tomojiro"

Tomojiro are our straight tip shoes that have been made since the brand was founded. In 2010, our 10th year, we have changed the last from R201 to R2010, to realize even further evolution.

Tomojiro are the most basic shoes, and have been the symbol of our brand ever since it was created.

Tomojiro are indispensable shoes for your wardrobe, crafted with a Goodyear welt and a combination of other fine techniques.

They have become the basis not only for other Sanyo Yamacho shoes, but also for determining balanced measurements of our other clothing.


Sanyo Yamacho's outfits are assembled based on Tomojiro, our masterpiece. Materials are selected carefully and patterns are calculated to fit the Japanese body type, and just as much care is taken even down to unseen details as when making the shoes. Great care goes into the materials and construction of each garment, taking into consideration the changing climates over the four seasons in Japan. With the techniques mastered by the most skilled craftsmen in the country, Sanyo Yamacho has the power to remain for generations. Some displayed prices are tax-excluded. Some items listed in past entries display the tax-included price at the time of posting.